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We are out there and the spammers of the world write to us regularly, keep shaving those palms guys. It is just one of those annoying things that goes with a web presence and at the risk of getting more, here are some contact details:

If you want to send me an email, nearly as old hat as writing a real letter I know, you can reach me via:

I am on Facebook despite their irritating little habits. Want to friend me, I’m at:

I’m also on LinkedIn, which just seems to be a place to praise each other as far as I can tell. Want to link, sure, just use their search thing because I have no idea what my LinkedIn ID is!


2 thoughts on “Contact info

  1. Happy New Year, Mark. Good luck with the CSI Big Year.
    P.S. I don’t believe there is a St Sandra but your good wife must be bucking for that position.


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