Cape Sable Island map

Right at the bottom of Nova Scotia is Cape Sable Island. Just offshore is Cape Light which is on an island off Cape Sable Island, so, to keep it simple, we have Cape Sable Island accessed by causeway from Barrington Passage and Cape Light accessed by boat from Cape Sable Island, clear? You can get to Cape Light by calling Leslie Smith on 902-745-3377. You go at your own risk, donation (say $20 per return trip) appreciated. Meet at the parking lot at the end of Fish Plant Lane.

These two maps are just to allow the reader to orientate. At the very basic level, you know for those who do not live in or are from Canada and who tend to just look at the pictures, Canada is the bigger bit above the United States except for in the west where Alaska went in a yard sale, I’m a bit sketchy on the history of that transaction here.

In Canada there are two coasts, Nova Scotia is on the east. Here is a map of eastern Canada showing where Nova Scotia is courtesy of Google Earth.

 Eastern Canada

The road around Cape Sable Island goes in a figure of eight. Noted on the map are some of the relevant places. Once I’m more familiar with the Island I’ll do something more informative, for now you can check out this map and see what I am referring to when I mention places in the blog text. Map again courtesy of Google Earth. The island runs north to south, I tipped it on its side to get it all in easily.

Cape Sable Island map_edited-2