Cheap Birding eBooks

I think I first noticed birds sometime in the mid to late 1960s. At school I studied ‘ornithology’ of sorts, gaining a grade one pass. After a few short years in the almost bird-free wilderness, I became immersed in birds and birding – below are some of my books about those birding times. Incidentally, clicking the links takes you to Smashwords, my publisher. You have to create an account but it is not intrusive, alternatively, you can buy or download for free any of my eBooks at iTunes or any of the other many eBook retailers.

For a year and half I gave away the first edition of the Cape Sable Island site finding guide for free. In October 2017 I did a re-write of parts, updated others and now it is 1.99USD and whatever the current conversion to Canadian is.

The guide tells you where to look, when to come, where to eat and sleep and what has been seen previously, all for less than a thick milkshake and infinitely better for your arteries.

My first attempt at a birding book was ‘Going for Broke’. In 1984 and well before the birding communications revolution I did a big year in the UK. It wasn’t all birding, there are lots of diversions in there. At $2.99CAD it’s a snip and all lavishly illustrated by Sandra Dennis.


Between 1983 – 2003 I chased rare birds around the UK. Read about many of the twitches, the hits and misses and enjoy the many excellent line drawings by Sandra Dennis in ‘Twitching Times’. Price $4.99CAD.

twitching times final small

Birding a local patch is a kind of illness really. Competitive, yes, illogical, certainly. Inside ‘My Patch’ you will find lots of good advice and scurrilous comments – please don’t sue me! Price $1.99CAD.

my patchsmall

Fifteen years working as a country park warden is bound to produce a few tasty anecdotes plus plenty of good birding stories. $2.99CAD give you an insight into the trials and tribulations associated with dealing with the public every day.

park life small_edited-1

Here are links to other sites carrying the books – the name is in the link title:









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