All about eReaders

Whether we like it or not, paper books will eventually become like vinyl records, largely history. Nowadays there are many ways to approach the issue when it comes to reading an eBook. Computers, iPads, iPods, tablets and other devices will all have free software and apps to enable the process.

I use Smashwords to publish and have no complaints about how their system works. Like everything on-line, there is a sign-up required, but once you ‘join’ you not only have access to all of my lovely books but also a growing catalogue of wildlife books, some free, some fee.

They provide eBooks in all formats INCLUDING Kindle, just follow their on-site instructions.

Dedicated eReaders are very functional these days and are the ideal way to carry your library when travelling. The simple versions have a long battery life and ease of use, especially the Kobo range.

The same people have a huge library, again some free but most fee. I recommend that you pick and chose you eBooks as some cost the same as the hardcopy version, clear profiteering. They also do various apps for reading eBooks but you do get some junk with them.

There are several other eBook dealers such as Barnes and Noble, available in both North America and Europe.

A good eReader app is available at Bluefire

If you read via an Apple device, all of my books can be downloaded via the iTunes store but you need their iBook app to read them, it’s free.

If you have any questions then please feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to answer.




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