I’ve not abandoned you, I just have had trouble getting an Internet that stays in. I am currently sat in the middle of the lawn, surrounded by rainforest and with one bar showing, so. It is all going well, 203 species seen at the last count, I should be able to write something more informative in a day or so.


2 thoughts on “G’Day!

  1. Ah! Rainbow Lorikeets. Truly amazing looking birds. Either Intelligent Design by a Creator on LSD or Natural Selection run amok and off the rails. Or maybe just a three year old with a new paint set. Have a great trip, Mark.


  2. My first thought was – “Wait! You don’t have those in Nova Scotia!” LOL

    I love me some lories. Living in Tampa, they are always my first stop when we go to Busch Gardens. I waste a few bucks on a tiny nectar cup just to have them perch on my finger and lap it up! Have a wonderful time, Mark!


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