Should I Slay or Should I go?

Our friends Liz and Steve had a good last day with us before setting off for the seamy town of Lunenburg, or am I thinking of Amsterdam? easy to confuse the two. We had planned to do a whale trip out of Brier but the schedule would have been fiddly and so we went out with Petit Passage whale watch for the first time, out of Petit Passage funnily enough. Birds were a bit scarce out in Fundy but the whales made up for it, one being particularly showy. One the way up there we stopped at Chebogue as Ervin had found an Upland Sandpiper, plus there were Buff-breasted and American Golden Plovers there too so stopping off was a no-brainer as they say.

Unfortunately the Upland had gone although I would have liked better looks at two distant birds flying away just as we left. Not to be too downhearted, it would have been a nice year tick for the year list I’m not doing, but such is life and we were entertained by a nice bunch of shorebirds that would have normally had headline billing. We saw 11 American Golden Plovers, eight Whimbrel, two Pectoral and, perhaps a tad under-appreciated, six Buff-breasted Sandpipers. Many thanks to the farmer for the access, much appreciated, pity the uplands had not read the script.


American Golden, Black-bellied, Buff-breasted, Pectoral, Whimbrel – all in one shot.

As I said, the birds on the whale trip were very scarce out there but was sort of expecting it and the object of the trip was to give Liz and Steve their first ever looks at whales. I did snap a few things but nothing wow, that will probably have to wait for another year now.


On the way home we checked out Marsh Road, always worth a bounce along. We found a warbler flock at each end, the best bird being this Canada Warbler.


Closer to home we had what the posh weather person would describe as “shite’ weather. Fog, then wind and rain although we shouldn’t complain. The skies cleared today (Sept-8th) revealing a dead shark at Daniel’s Head. The angle was not great for a photo but I suspected Thresher and had this confirmed via books (remember them) and the Skipper of the whale trip. It may well have been the shark seen of the head last week, or maybe it is one that got injured somehow and found its way inside to die.


A few days earlier this Mink was on the road, not just scampering across looking all furtive like, but sunbathing! I went back and took a few photos, squeaked and it ran towards me! I did consider driving over it but could not bring myself to do it (should I slay or should I go see), even though it would have saved many bird’s nests no doubt although, with such suicidal tendencies as laying on that road, I suspect someone else would have no such qualms, even enjoying doing it. The funny thing it, if I was trapping them at a breeding colony, euthanizing them would not be a problem.

In the yard this Northern Mockingbird and Brown-headed Cowbird made it onto my ‘photo’d in the yard’ list, don’t laugh!



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