BC Wrap up

As this was not a birding trip, as I kept telling myself, the overall results were not unexpected. 117 species of bird, five odes, six butterflies and 12 mammals. Had it just been Sandra and me we would have visited the Okanagan, done more birding around Tofino and got into more mountain species around Manning and we’d have found an American Dipper. As it was we have some memories and the lifer Northwestern Crow will live in the memory all day, or at least until tea-time.

I usually post some of Sandra’s pics at some point, that will probably come later so, to those of you who like views and vistas, expect some.

Anna’s Hummingbird posing nicely in Campbell Valley Regional Park.


Beaver – this meaty beast walked right through a parking lot, never deviating and ignoring all those paying it a lot of attention.


Blue-eyed Hawker – the commonest darner around.


Bald Eagle, not that we saw too many.


Western Tiger Swallowtail.


Eurasian Collared-Dove, used to breed in the yard in England, only a matter of time before they find NS to their liking.


Mule Deer taking a break from the sun.


Vaux’s Swift, pronounced VOX. Seen at two spots.


Pacific Tree Frog in Campbell Valley Regional Park.


Pelagic Cormorants on the dock at Tsawassen.


Black-headed Grosbeak doing yoga!


Bushtit, only found one bunch.


Townsend’s Chipmunk, common in Campbell Valley Regional Park.


Variegated Meadowhawk at Abbotsford.


Douglas Squirrel, they follow you around.


Western Wood-Pewee, we only saw a couple.


Spotted Towhee, the default ‘sparrow’ in most places.


Vesper Sparrow on a hot day.


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