Catch Up #1

It has been some time since I posted, mainly because I’ve barely had anything to show but also because we have a summer of visitors and I have to be good. This is just notice that I’ll be catching up in a few days, especially with a trip to British Columbia that we just did. Not too many birds were around (well, it’s not Nova Scotia after all) but some nice hills, busy roads and other stuff. We got thick fog on our one whale watch day, otherwise it was scorching.

In the true traditional of administrative incompetence, Parks Canada locations and some of the other sites we visited, on this the 150 birth year of the nation, all had major works. The most interesting bits of some sites were shut and their forward planning had the expected level of stupidity you come to expect from public servants. Perhaps the biggest surprise for us as we killed time waiting for a late flight was finding, on arrival, that the George. C. Reifel migratory bird sanctuary opened and 09:00 and shut at 16:00. What sort of times are they for birding, clearly whoever is in charge of such things isn’t a birder, and I’m surprised the BC birding community haven’t got it fixed.

Anyway, we did 2800km but never alone on the road. We saw around 120 species of birds, one of which, the majestic North-west Crow (photo later), was a lifer. We saw a handful of butterflies and dragonflies and a few mammal species, quite a few of which were ape descendants. It was a compromise holiday, Sandra’s folks are aged and not birders and so we just grabbed time when we could. Frustrating at times though it was, the trip was OK.

For now here is a photo of a nice Western Tanager from the Manning Park area about two hours east of Vancouver, we were nicely placed in Langley which was good for getting both into the mountains and to the coast, more on that later. As for Vancouver itself, it is a city and I am not a city person.


One thought on “Catch Up #1

  1. Welcome Home! Lots of birds waiting for you here, even troops in the inlet at this point. Of course, today the first day of fog since Saturday…. Drat!


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