Leggy Beauty

As far as we know there has never been a Sandhill Crane on Cape Sable Island, well at least not one seen by a birder. I was so confident that this would always remain so, that I didn’t even have the species on my personal CSI predictor. True one could have flown over at some point but the chances of it being seen by a birder I thought remote, so it was confined to the highly unlikely category. That changed May 4th when Joey Nickerson called Johnny with a big bird with brown on it, wandering around the only real field on The Hawk.

Driving strictly as fast as the law allows we made The Hawk without delay and were greeted with a busily feeding Sandhill Crane not 90m away. It was not at all bothered by the amazed watchers – you know it is a good bird when it is new for Johnny on CSI – who gathered to enjoy. Naturally the object of our adulation was captured for posterity in digital form, yup, I took loads of photos.

The yard has been a bit silly recently; see the last post for a taster. Well, the Blue Grosbeak stuck, the Rose-breasted too for a few days before being replaced by a different one today, a young male. The Evening Grosbeak made two and a half days before pushing off and then the shimmering indigo of a male Indigo Bunting graced the feeders. If that was not enough another two joined it, females this time, he seemed to quite like that ratio.

Both the Blue Grosbeak and Indigo Bunting together.

On what I call Tiny Pond in Lower Clark’s Harbour Mike found a Solitary Sandpiper, just the one, and it stayed the day for all to enjoy.

Today, May-5th there was a bit more action with the first of the season Short-billed Dowitcher and Least Sandpiper mud-scuttling on The Hawk. Lesser Yellowlegs had arrived a few days  prior, and another Purple Martin cruised the skies above The Hawk, finding a niche on several Nova Scotia life lists.

Last but not least, a couple of Wood Ducks were a nice surprise at Newellton May-5th. They were in the creek at a place I christened ‘Hell Bend’ because it is hard to stop, especially with the obligatory truck on your ass.

So as May gathers steam we all start looking at what might come our way although might insist we have already had quite a good portion of the spring migration feast and we still only at the placing our napkin on our knees stage. Rain is coming and the wind will go all over the place for a while. If I had to bet I’d say Scarlet Tanager was most likely to be the next good bird but, in a fit of magnanimity, I am willing to take Painted Bunting instead!

Did I mention that the Little Blue Heron stuck around until May 4th?; no, well it did.


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