May Rush

Some birders look down their noses at feeders and feeder birds, citing the changes in bird habits and range as reasons not to feed. My personal view is that these people are missing the point and missing out, bird feeding is part of birding is part of the human impact on the landscape. While our cats and cars and windows and everything else that swats away the lives of birds every day takes its toll, yard feeding puts a little bit back. What if some species become overly dependent on feeding?, quite a few are now dependent on the provision of nesting sites, think Purple Martin, it happens. So I make no apology for feeding or enjoying the birds that take our feed, nourishment so willingly provided.

The first couple of days in May have seen the weather wet and windy, almost a spring default here, but you make the best of it and see what you can and feeder watching  certainly cheers up the day, especially if you have a run of luck. So far May has been pretty good to our feeders; a male Rose-breasted Grosbeak arrived today, joining a female Blue Grosbeak and female Evening Grosbeak, all vying with the regulars for the available seed. The Blue Grosbeak was a new yard bird, one of six new species added so far this year so we are now pushing 150, of course it helps to have a (limited) view of the sea as well as feeders.

With the light being so shoddy, getting good photos was always going to be a challenge, these are my best efforts. No doubt May has much more in store for us; if it keeps this pace up I’ll need a lie down before long!

Blue Grosbeaks usually look unfinished and photograph terribly.

Always nice to get a male Rose-breasted Grosbeak in the yard.

I thought I missed the Evening Grosbeak window this year, well at least until next winter so this female was welcome.

According to eBird American Tree Sparrows have outstayed their winter welcome so this May bird is notable.

Just a Starling above. Below one of the pair of Hairy Woodpecker we have, this one is the male.

For reasons I can’t fathom, now when I paste a Word document into WordPress I have to use ctrl-v, then pick out the bits where an apostrophe was used and correct it. Is it done to keep us on our toes I wonder?


One thought on “May Rush

  1. I’m sure they exist but I can’t say that I’ve knowingly come across anyone who didn’t like to check out feeder birds. Though I wouldn’t tolerate cats preying on my feeder birds if I had feeders, a slingshot and some peas might come in handy.

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