Off the Colour Chart

Some species give you exactly what it says in their name, Indigo Bunting is one of them. This afternoon (4/28) after a fruitless search for type 2 Red Crossbills at Tusket, I wandered down to the tip of Morris Island and came across two male Indigo Buntings. One was a bit wary but the second chose to feed on the road verge, only flushing when a vehicle past then zooming back to feed, obviously pretty hungry.

The light was poor, we’ve had fog for a few days but, thankfully, not the strong onshore winds today. I ramped up the camera to 1000 ISO and am reasonably happy with the shots.

Inspired by the appearance of the Indigo Buntings, Sandra and I did a late cruise of Cape Sable Island, hoping that maybe we’d got something good too. The highlight was picking up my first Barn Swallow of the year for CSI just as we neared home. Resigned to having to wait until tomorrow for the migrant deluge, I sat and checked the feeders from the office window. No Indigo Buntings there either but a bat-like thing flashed through. It came back, a Chimney Swift, a CSI first for us. We rushed out to the front deck, scattering cats, and had foggy views as it charged around. A call to Mike was made and he arrived just in time for its final appearance, a CSI tick for him too. The photos are awful but…


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