Tootling About

After the excitement of the Kamchatka dash, the last couple of days were a bit quieter. On 1/22 I went along to Dennis Point, Lower West Pubnico in the afternoon in hope of seeing the Thayer’s Gull again, it’s not been around since 1/15 but the tides have not been quite right and it may be that low water, late afternoon after the draggers have brought their catch in would be the most productive time. Maybe Thursday of this week. That is not to say that the trip was dull, there are always lots of gulls to get lost in and these big galoots keep them on their toes.

372a5869 372a6004

Right off the wharf (#4) there was a constant flotilla of Kumlien’s Gulls almost all 1st basic. There were also a few odd ones including this 1st basic which has elements of Thayer about it but it wasn’t big enough, that face though…


A dainty Glaucous came along for a while. Both Glaucous and Kumlien’s on one shot.

372a6054 372a5957

Below, the Glaucous with a Great Black-backed Gull.


As did two Nelson’s Gulls. This gull is not a species but a hybrid, presumed to be Glaucous x Herring. I say presumed because we don’t really know but act on the assumption that only that combination would produce this in our area. The Glaucous bit is quite evident.


A couple of Common Eider came in. One was neat but the molting male was pretty badly dressed.

372a6019 372a6017

Today was quieter still. West Head, CSI had lots of gulls including this adult, winter Black-headed Gull.


A bruiser of a Glaucous, 2nd basic, was on the sea wall, and adult was roosting nearby but camera shy.

372a6081 372a6102

Earlier we’d had a chilly spin around Daniel’s Head. Not much happening but you never know where that Trumpeter Swan got to. This distant loon was interesting. Just a Common Loon but slightly odd looking, lots of white above the eye and the head shape is not so angular as that shown by most of the others around.


As we arrived home our yard Fox Sparrow was close enough for a photo. Low light made a decent shot difficult but at least I got something.

372a6124 372a6126

January is zipping along briskly, they always seem to the older you get. February might not be too productive, it can be a bit of a spiteful month sometimes, let’s hope not.

Next post is the new taxonomy, if gulls captivate you you’re going to love that. I just need to choose a single photo for FB that makes it look more interesting than it is!

Below just a couple of Herring Gulls that look nice.

372a5984 372a6023


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