The Beast is Back

OK, so beauty is in the eye of the beholder but, the Kamchatka Gull is back at Meteghan and thanks to Ronnie d’Entremont, all those who didn’t get to see it last time really should relish a second bite of this particular Oriental Cherry. It is such a distinctive bird, easy to pick out if its there and you get to see lots of other gulls too, what is not to enjoy?

Sandra and I had been to Yarmouth shopping, it happens sometimes, and we had thought the trip successful, especially as we managed to see the Pleasant Lake Red-shouldered Hawk on the way back. We had just left it when Ronnie called with the hot news, IT was back. We hared up the highway and got there just as it flew around and headed off from the fish plant to the south, back to the beach. Ronnie left, we pursued and easily found it on the main beach. I was getting ready to photograph it when the gull mass, and it was some mass, lurched skywards. Gulls went all directions so we went back to the southernmost fish plant and worked north.

It took a short while but we found it sat on the sea at the fish plant at the end of John Thibodeau Road, north of the wharves. As you all know, when one gulls flushes, they all do so I had to employ a handy rock to act as a shield while I crept up on them. It sort of worked, yes it was a big rock, and I managed a few diagnostic shots before they all drifted too far out. Here are those from today, high ISO so a bit grainy and it was distant mostly.

 372a5814 372a5817 372a5804 372a5818 372a5825 372a5832 372a5846 372a5849 372a5850

Here are some shots from 2016 of what must be the same bird, unless lightning strikes twice.

img_2748 img_2856_edited-1 img_2720 img_2708



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