Gulls, Damn Gulls!

Alix and Paul had a 100% Thayer’s Gull at Dennis Point, Lower West Pubnico on December 8th so, naturally, I was there the next day. Mike came too and we spent a fair amount of time freezing, the gulls were in a very naughty mood. A Bald Eagle playfully shuffled the pack regularly but little by way of munchies was coming out of the pipe, and so the birds were a bit slow to come close. Late in the afternoon the birds did come in a bit, perhaps something was going on beneath the waves to influence this, and we did eventually see a good batch of gulls, some of which were quite puzzling.

I don’t see why we should be the only puzzled gull watchers, so here are some shots with comments.


A bit Thayer’s looking but the primaries are a shade on the grey side. Nice dark eye though.




The dark end of Kumlien’s.


Be interesting to see this one next winter – just a Kumlien’s though.


Never seen a Kumlien’s with quite such a well-defined shawl.


Different for sure.


Oddly shaped bird, would have liked a flight shot here.


Another dark eyed bird, not black enough on the primaries.


Thayer’s front end, Kumlien’s back.




Nice and neat Kumlien’s.


Above and below, both American Herring Gulls.


We didn’t see THE bird though.


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