Our day in the big city was planned to revolve around the available good year birds so, January 2nd 2017 we loaded up the Hyundai and went north-east, pausing first to pay our respects to the Eastern Phoebe found by Ellis d’Entremont the previous day, a great winter find. The phoebe was very showy, vocal and active in the warm spring sunshine, sorry that should read depth of winter, warm sunshine.

_72a2785 _72a2765 _72a2767 _72a2808 _72a2799 _72a2724

Above, the Eastern Phoebe pretending to be a ground tyrant.


Carrying something.

Step two involved not seeing either a Red-shouldered Hawk or a Red-bellied Woodpecker but, post pee and refill in Macky D’s, we drove up to the Greater White-fronted Goose on third base on the Ball Field. Next were to be stop/starts around Yarmouth starting with Barrow’s Goldeneye, which were duly found, and ending with Northern Mockingbird and perhaps a House Wren. Around the harbour the light was nice for a bit of sitting in the car waiting patiently for the Barrow’s Goldeneyes to bob up within lens range. The muddy parking lot next to Lobster Rock Wharf seemed ideal so we pulled in behind Ronnie, but never go to pull out again, the gear linkage cable on the car snapped. Had it been in drive we could have managed but it was in park and going nowhere without assistance.

The CAA were called and, on the bright side, I did get to poke the lens at the Barrow’s plus we had House Finch and a marauding Cooper’s Hawk, so at least a few more year additions.

_72a2828 _72a2862 _72a2872

The Eastern Phoebe was a winter tick in all categories (Canada, Nova Scotia) so it was pleasing to see and get the photos. While we were there it was very active, looked like it got a few insects and seemed to glean something off the road.


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