Winter Eyes

It’s the last month of a great birding but otherwise crappy, year, but more of that in the end of year review. December means winter listing, in other words even more of a reason to get out birding. December 1st was a rough day with rain and fog and only a small window to really bird right at the end of the day. Thankfully things improved and I’ve chugged up to 74 species so far (12/3/16) but I still have gaps you could drive a bus through. One absentee is ‘our’ Long-billed Dowitcher that has been appearing intermittently in Stumpy Cove, Cape Sable Island. If it sticks I’ll no doubt catch up with it, just half a dozen looks for it so far, I seem to be slacking!

Today Sandra and I shopped in Yarmouth, then did some big city birding along the harbour, the highlight being four House Finch. Moving on to Sunday Point, even though it was Saturday, we found five Horned Larks so I snapped them in the rain, they didn’t seem to mind.


We ‘did’ Chebogue but the only thing we found was this Killdeer around the area where the pool has been cleared out, just before the farm at the end.


Driving towards Pleasant Lake I noticed a blob in a tree. A quick swerve around and a salutary lesson in keeping some distance for the lady behind got us back to the bird in a jiffy and my waters were right, the Red-shouldered Hawk had returned for its third winter. I got a few shots before it launched off and went further back behind a house.


On December 2nd I spent most of the day checking various spots around CSI.


At the end of November Sandra and I did a little jaunt to the French Basin Trail at Annapolis Royal. A dullish day, weather wise, but there were a few birds on the lake including my year American Coot. No Ruddy Ducks this year so far.


On the way home we dropped into Meteghan, no Kamchatka Gull (yet) but a couple of Black-headed Gulls – both adults in winter dress.

I won’t be chasing a big winter total, just sticking to Shelburne, Yarmouth and maybe Digby. I still feel the year has another big bird in it, couldn’t predict what, I’d be happy with a King Eider.

Apologies if this does not look right. WordPress, in their wisdom, have done a revamp of a perfectly good system to come up with something totally crap and you only find out when you try to use it, shit for brains does not cover it!


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