A Few More New Clicks

Reasonable light is a prerequisite for outdoor photography, our light these past few days, and it seems for a good few more, can best be described as mirksome. That new word would best be explained as a cross between murky and irritating and you heard it here first. Despite the light, Sandra and I went a wandering on Saturday (11/19), successfully missing a Pubnico Red-headed Woodpecker, although a bunch of White-winged Crossbills were nice (thanks for the hospitality Ellis) and then later missing Alix’s Red-bellied at Tusket. Just to round off the woodpecker dip we missed also Leah’s Red-bellied at Arcadia.

Undeterred, we moved on to Meteghan (post breakfast at The Sip Café) where the tide was trying to climb into the parking lot, meaning no gulls. We meandered down the coast stopping where we found birds, including Cape St Mary at Mavillette, where the Harlequins performed well. I find Harlequins hard to photograph, they almost always come out ill-defined to me. A young male Black Scoter flew over too.

_72a9491 _72a9497 _72a9533 _72a9524 _72a9523 _72a9502 _72a9521

Upper image process in Photoshop, lower in Lightroom.



Further on, this young Red-tailed Hawk was a better practice subject with the light behind me.


We ended the day back in Arcadia, where the Red-bellied showed but better to the eye than the lens.


Today it was time for me to tour Cape Sable Island, ignoring the fog and difficult light. The Hawk had a few birds including this Orange-crowned Warbler and a couple of American Tree Sparrows plus a Swamp Sparrow.

_72a9617 _72a9621 _72a9663 _72a9660 _72a9646 _72a9671

Nearby, on the road to the Plastic Factory (see the FREE CSI birding guide), I had two Orange-crowned Warblers – both still defiant when it comes to showing that allegedly orange crown. The same bunch of birds had Boreal and Black-capped Chickadee, Golden-crowned Kinglet and Dark-eyed Juncos plus a lone Yellow-rumped Warbler.

_72a9749 _72a9753 _72a9757 _72a9730 _72a9721 _72a9720 _72a9761 _72a9769 _72a9784 _72a9785 _72a9697

Thanks to those who have offered advice re my new camera, much appreciated.


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