Well well

After today I don’t think we need worry too much about the well running dry! The rain has been almost constant since about 08:30 and our little spring out back is gurgling away happily. The blasting easterly wind has had little effect on the sea birds so far, Northern Gannets have been filing past – yes I did a one hour sea watch off Daniel’s Head where the tailgate of the Grand Caravan did what it was surely designed for, keeping the sea watcher dry. Loons were going past too but the Cory’s Shearwaters seemed to have headed out and away, perhaps for now or it may all be over for them for the year.

Yesterday (10/27/16) I did a look over the Kenney Road area, it was a bit slow but this Field Sparrow brightened things up, Pity it never felt the need to pose properly.

img_8121_edited-1 img_8114

Later I headed to The Hawk, still slow and I was chatting to Johnny in that very Canadian way, blocking the road and talking through the car window, when a Northern Shrike hopped up onto a dead tree top, a Nova Scotia tick and a year bird for both of us, a call later and Mike had the bird too, good stuff. Then I got a text re a Cattle Egret, not on CSI but just up the road in Barrington. The light was failing, the deer peepers were out in force and it took longer to get off The Hawk than it did the island, more or less.

img_8178_edited-2 img_8173_edited-2

Predictably the egret had gone to bed by the time we arrived and we were resigned to trying on the morrow. Today’s forecast suggested we only had a short, dry window. The egret was not a Nova Scotia tick but it was a year tick and a nice bird to admire. The following day the egret had vacated its previously favoured riverside yard, two days it had plodded around there, and so I went off to look at the sea. Later Ronnie found the bird where I’d looked earlier, in the only open farm fields around off Factory Hill Road. The rain poured and the bird poddled, enough already.

img_8253 img_8257 img_8271

Then I went back later for another look. I hope the egret sees sense and heads to CSI, but not until Sunday!


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