Photo Backlog

Cleaning the decks, here are a few photos from recent, well daily outings. Comments are with each photo, they are not in any particular order.


Above and below, Eastern Phoebe on Brier Island, 9/24/16, below a Black-and-White Warbler from the same trip.


Hawks were moving over Brier Island, NS but not in the same sort of numbers seen last year. This Red-tailed Hawk was the only one we saw amongst a plethora of Merlins, American Kestrels and Sharp-shinned Hawks.

img_4275 img_4281

Currently the default warbler, a Yellow-rumped pauses in the morning sun, below a Northern Parula does likewise.

img_4285 img_4288

Song Sparrow above, obviously not flossed this morning. Below a Common Yellowthroat.

img_4300_edited-1 img_4306 img_4518_edited-1

The Peregrine above was contemplating a Sanderling snack. Below this Dark-eyed Junco obviously got made up in the dark. Under that a Ruby-crowned Kinglet, yes winter is coming.

img_4604 img_4594 img_4608_edited-1

Above a Lesser Yellowlegs, below a yard Blue-headed Vireo. Below that a Broad-winged Hawk, one of a total of 16 that passed over the yard in two days.

img_4587 img_4638 img_4618

Blue-winged Teal are arriving, they’ll be off once the banging starts, hopefully. Below a Hermit Thrush checking me out, maybe my pishing was just irresistible.


Next post is a shorebird one. They are coming through Nova Scotia still but in lower numbers so easier to pick through.


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