Starting point

After many years of blogging while resident in Quebec, things have changed and now Nova Scotia will get the benefit of my searing wit! With luck and good judgment, my wife Sandra and I will be settling in Nova Scotia at the end of May, residing on Cape Sable Island.

To date I’ve only been able to spend a short time birding Nova Scotia, my life list for the province is just over 100 species but will grow with frequent tending. The thought of a new local patch and a different type of birding, in Quebec I watch a sand quarry, is stimulating and I can’t wait to start learning. It will be odd not having Red-shouldered Hawks in the yard or seeing Cooper’s Hawks very regularly, but then Common Eiders are something I currently have to travel 450km to see, and Willets in Quebec, well Rocking Horse droppings are probably easier to find.

So this is the starting point, a new blog and perhaps some new readers too. I hope that local Nova Scotia birders don’t mind the intrusion of a couple of new birders in their midst. I’ll do my best to pull my weight in recording the birds of the area, Sandra perhaps less so, she is not quite so single minded about birds as I am.

I like to try to put a photo with each post, so here is a shot of a Willet from our recent April 2015 visit. For some reason I saw Willets just about everywhere I went.

IMG_3604 (2)